Dr. Paul G. Talosig is a proud native Dayton Texan. Growing up in a small and caring community, he developed his love for sports. He played for the Broncos basketball, football and track and field teams.

Upon graduation from Dayton High School, he attended University of Texas in Austin and received his Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology.

He knew at a young age that his passion was dentistry and he really enjoyed treating children.

Dr. Talosig furthered his education and received his Doctor of Medicine in Dentistry from Nova Southeastern University in Florida.

Dr. Paul G. Talosig also completed a fellowship program at Helen Hayes Hospital in New York. He was able to provide high quality dental care in the clinic and the operating room to individuals with physical, developmental and psychiatric disabilities. He values the experience and has learned tremendously in treating the special needs population.

Dr. Paul G. Talosig is trained and certified in conscious sedation and nitrous oxide. He has hospital privileges at Helen Hayes Hospital and Mission Regional Medical Center, where he treated pediatric and special needs patients under general anesthesia.

He has completed a total of 3 years of training and courses from the American Academy Of GP Orthodontic that focused on early orthodontic treatment, adolescent and adult orthodontic treatment in Austin Texas. He learned through comprehensive didactic lectures and clinical hands-on training with direct patient treatment. He also gained knowledge and experience with Interceptive (Early) Orthondontic Treatment and the appreciate value of identifying areas of concern at an early age to help direct facial growth and minimize dental crowding in the permanent dentition.He is also trained in laser dentistry using Biolase for his frenectomy and gingivectomy procedures. He is continuing to expand his knowledge and skills and is currently learning Sleep Disordered Breathing through the HealthyStart System. Many of the undiagnosed symptoms such as ADHD, bedwetting, arrested growth, underdeveloped jaw, mouth breathing, snoring, inability to focus could be attributed to Sleep Disordered Breathing. The program addresses the central issue of a compromised airway. The System helps with opening up the airway, improve airway width while encouraging nasal breathing, thus, improve children’s overall health and well being.

He is humbled and honored to serve in his hometown of Dayton Texas. And he is grateful for the opportunity to provide much needed dental care to the surrounding communities. The clinic is a reflection of his love for sports and his huge heart for kids, their families and their dental health.

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